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Management System Auditor
Published on 2023-07-14

Management System Auditor (Several)

Job responsibilities: Undertake the audit of management system certification projects.

Job requirements:

1. Qualified as a CCAA national registered auditor, under the age of 60, regardless of gender;

2. Possessing the qualification of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and a major in science and engineering is preferred, with a bachelor's degree or above;

3. Having multiple system auditors is a priority;

4. Strong sense of work responsibility, good communication and coordination skills, and teamwork spirit;

5. Have good physical health, no bad habits, and be able to adapt to long-term business trips.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in science and engineering is preferred;

2. Understand the internal management process of third-party certification agencies, be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, certification rules, and recognition standards and systems, and have work experience in the same position as a certification agency is preferred;

3. Strong sense of work responsibility, good teamwork and customer service awareness, strong communication and organizational skills;

4. Proficient in using office software, with a certain level of statistical analysis ability;

5. Those with CCAA inspector/auditor qualification certificate are preferred;

6. Have a stable residence in Beijing, and be physically fit to work and travel.

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