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Green Product Certification Inspector
Published on 2023-07-14

Green Product Certification Inspectors (Several)

Job responsibilities: Undertake green product certification inspection/audit work.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with the field of building materials or related work experience, with the qualification of green product certification examiner. Building materials or related work experience is preferred;

2. Under 60 years old, regardless of gender;

3. Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering (environment, chemistry, forestry, building materials are preferred);

4. Having 3-5 years or more of relevant professional work experience; Work experience in industries such as chemical, furniture, and building materials is preferred; Experience in environmental impact assessment, clean production management, product testing, quality management, etc. is preferred; Priority given to those with intermediate or above professional titles;

5. Strong sense of work responsibility, good communication and coordination skills, and team spirit;

6. Good health, no bad habits, able to adapt to long-term business trips.

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