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Personal Protective Equipment Testing and Certification

Since January 1, 2021, due to the separation of the UK from the EU, the personal protective equipment regulation 425/2016 under the UK legal framework will come into force at the same time. All personal protective equipment products sold on the English Market must meet the requirements of this regulation and be affixed with the UKCA logo. Personal protective equipment products can enter the English Market only after obtaining UKCA certification.

As a CE Notified Body (NB 2834) and UKCA Approved Body (AB 1105), CCQS can provide you with PPE testing, certification, audit and training services efficiently and professionally.

Scope involved

Respiratoy Protective Equipment

    Full face mask, Half face mask

    Particle filtering half mask

    Filter component (Particle filter, Gas filter)

    Powered respiratory devices

● Head Protective Equipment

    Industrial safety helmet

    Bicycle helmet

    Mountaineering helmet

    Bump cap

● Eye Protective Equipment

    Safety goggles

    Face shield

    Welding shield

● Hearing Protective Equipment



● Body Protective Equipment

    Chemical protective clothing

    Fire fighting clothing

    Flame retardant clothing

    Reflective clothing

● Hand Protective Equipment

    Protective gloves against mechanical risks

    Protective gloves against chemcials

    Protective gloves against thermal risks

    Protective gloves against chain saws

● Foot Protective Equipment

    Safety footwear

    Insulated footwear

    Fireproof footwear

● Equipment against falls from heights

    Full body safety harness

    Safety lanyard

    Energy absorbing lanyard


    Fall arrester

    Retractable type fall arrester

    Protective equipment for outdoor high-altitude sports

● Buoyancy Aid Equipment

    Life jacket

    Diving suit

Service process

Our servics

● Testing service based on standards

● CE Certification for PPE (EU)

● UKCA Certification for PPE (UK)

● PPE production management system audit

● Technical training for PPE

CCQS is your reliable partner for PPE

● We have a complete scope of PPE authorization, which can fully address your needs.

● We maintain long-term cooperation with many authoritative labs at home and abroad, and can provide you with professional testing services.

● Our PPE team has rich experience in product testing, certification and audit, ensuring that your certification can be completed efficiently and smoothly, helping you improve the level of PPE product design, production and management processes.

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