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Industrial Machienry Inspection and Certification

The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 under the British legal framework will come into force at the same time since January 1, 2021, due to the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union. All industrial machinery products sold in the English Market must meet the requirements of this regulation, and be affixed with the UKCA logo and/or attached with a declaration of conformity. Machinery products can enter the English Market only after obtaining UKCA certification. The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 apply to mechanical equipment with any moving component and also to safety components separately placed on the market.

As a CE Notified Body (NB 2834) and UKCA Approved Body (AB 1105), CCQS can provide you with Machinery inspection, certification and training services efficiently and professionally.

Scope involved

Vehicle Maintenance Equipment

    Vehicle lift


    Pneumatic jack

    Tyre changer

    Wheel balancer

    Wheel alignment

● Lifting Equipment


    Parking equipment

    Lifting tables

    Self-propelled industrial trucks

● Lifting Accessories

    Lifting hooks

    Lifting rings

    Lifting slings

    Steel wire ropes



● Woodworking Machines

    Band saw

    Circular saw

    Portable chainsaws

● Cement & Mining Equipment

    Rotary klin



    Continuous handling equipment

● Industrial Machine Tool

    Grinding machines

    Machining Centre

    Turning machines

    Mechanical/Hydraulic presses

    Hydraulic press brakes

    Laser cutting machines

    Guillotine shears

    Drilling machines

    Turrent punch press

● Rubber & Plastic Equipment


    Injection moulding machines

    Blow moulding machines

● Food Processing Equipment

    Mincing machiens

    Slicing machines


● Complete Production Line

    Glass production line

    Tyre forming production line

    Cement production line

    Automatic production line

● Other Equipment

    X-ray inspection system

    Robots for industrial environments

    Hand-held powered tools

    Air compressors

    Water bump

    Industrial fans

    Generating sets

Service process

Our services

● Site inspection service based on standards

● CE Certification for Machinery (EU)

● UKCA Certification for Machinery (UK)

● The third party inspection

● Technical training for Machinery

CCQS is your reliable partner for Machinery

● We have a wider scope of Machinery authorization, which can fully address your needs.

● Our Machinery team has rich experience in product inspection and certification, ensuring that your certification can be completed efficiently and smoothly, helping you improve the design and safety level of industrial machinery products.

● Our technical experts are familiar with the requirements of the standard and can provide you with professional technical training services.

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